What are the benefits of soap nuts?
Makes hair strong, healthy, soft, and lustrous: Apart from being a natural detergent, soap nuts contain a good amount of nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, E, and K, which keeps the hair healthy and give shine and luster. A natural conditioner: Soapnuts provide moisturization and natural conditioning to the hair.
What are the disadvantages of soap nuts?
They don’t work so well on a cool wash, so you’ll need to use warm-to-hot water (which means more energy use and potential for damaging clothes)
How many times can you reuse soap nuts?
When the washing cycle is over, take your soapnuts out of the bag and leave them in an aired place to dry before you use them again. You can reuse the same soapnuts 3-4 times before you add them to your compost.
Does soapnut reduce hair fall?
An Ayurvedic preparation that nourishes the scalp to strengthen hair follicles. Reduces hair fall and makes your hair healthy and strong.
Does Reetha make hair thicker?
Reetha is used to incite the development of the new hair follicles. It also prevents hair from sun damage and causes hair to become thicker and grow quicker. Reetha also helps you combat hair issues like hair fall, untimely graying of hair and dandruff.
Are soapnuts better than shampoo?
Is Soap Nut Safe For Hair? Because of its soapy texture, soap nut makes for an ideal ingredient to wash hair with. Being rich in Vitamins A, D, E and K, soap nut provides the best nutrition to your hair and assists in hair growth.

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